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It's so much better spending your weekend outside, than in and when the Great Victorian Rail Trail, historic buildings, a thriving main street and a range of award winning wineries, restaurants and accommodation options to offer, why wouldn't you head 2 hours to Yea from Melbourne. 

Yea is adjoined by a series of hamlets including Glenburn, Murrindindi, Limestone, Highlands, Caveat, Strath Creek, Kerrisdale and Flowerdale and is the perfect base to explore the area’s surrounding scenic and historic sites.

Ride the Great Victorian Rail Trail to Cheviot Tunnel

Located midway between Molesworth and Yea along the 134km Great Victorian Rail Trail from Tallarook to Mansfield is the historic Cheviot Railway Tunnel. It spans 201 metres long and was constructed from an estimated 675,000 handmade bricks using local clay. The Cheviot Tunnel was constructed to pass trains across the Black Range at McLoughlin’s Gap roughly half way between Yea and Molesworth and today it still remains in excellent condition. Head here via bike or horse along the rail trail from Yea or jump in the car and access via a carpark about 100 metres from the tunnel.

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Cheviot Tunnel

Explore the Y Water Discovery Centre and learn about the Yea Wetlands

The Y Water Discovery Centre's interpretive displays focus on our planet’s highest order natural asset – fresh water and there are 12 interpretive elements within the Centre for the kids to challenge themselves as they learn about our water resources. Also on display is an intriguing three-minute 3D holographic display. Pepper's Ghost explains the story of the Yea Wetlands from when Indigenous communities lived in the area, through European settlement until the present day.

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Y Water Discovery Centre

Walk through and explore the beauty of the Yea Wetlands

Just a short walk from the main street you can lose yourself in the peace and tranquillity of the natural bush and riverine floodplain wetlands. Walk down the Franklin Track across the cable suspension bridge, being sure to watch for platypus or native water rats foraging for food along the river bed, and you begin to understand the treasure that Yea truly has. Read the interpretive signs and unravel more secrets about the uniquely Australian aquatic mammals and how the traditional owners of the land used and cared for the wetlands.

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Yea Wetlands (8)


* Explore the Y Water Discovery Centre and learn about our precious water resources

* Take in the view from the Murchison Gap Lookout

* Discover the Murrindindi Scenic Reserve

* Enjoy a scenic drive through the Highlands

* Snap a photo at the historic Cheviot Railway Tunnel


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Cheviot Station

  • Saturday, July 6, 2024

Open Studio – Darren Gilbert

Yea Station

The General Strath Creek

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