Eildon and the surrounding villages and hamlets of Thornton, Rubicon and Snobs Creek

Eildon and surrounds has long been popular destinations for those seeking to take some time to slow down and escape the pace of city life. Pleasure boaters and fishing enthusiasts share holidays alongside those aboard luxury houseboats and families camping by the river. The vibe is relaxed, friendly and fun.

Surrounded by national parks and state forests and connected by pristine rivers, with the magnificent Lake Eildon as the centerpiece, this is the perfect place for 'family time' or 'me time'.

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Lake Eildon has over 500km of shoreline and at full capacity can store six times as much water as Sydney Harbour! The lake is fed by clear mountain rivers and is surrounded by rolling hills, dense forest and open woodland. This makes it a favourite spot for boating and water skiing, fishing and bushwalking. The surrounding countryside is prized for its eucalypt forests, wildlife and fresh mountain air.


The Rubicon Valley Historic Area is home to stunning campsites, the beautiful Rubicon River and Falls and a series of spectacular trestle bridges set amongst remnants of the timber industry and the current hydro power system.

Rubicon Valley Historic Area
Snobs Creek Falls

Snobs Creek Falls has a spectacular viewing platform that is fixed to a rock face on the side of the falls, jutting out in front of the rushing water. The vegetation around the falls contains a wide variety of ferns, mosses and fungi indigenous to the moist eucalypt forest environment created by the falls.


Schoolhouse Thornton Cafe

Schoolhouse Thornton is a hidden gem in country Victoria. The old Thornton primary school was beautifully renovated in 2020 and transformed into a quaint Artisan Bakehouse.

Everything is made with love on site in the tiny bakehouse with focus on local produce and partnered with Merchant Coffee Roasters in Mansfield.

They pride themselves in quality baked goods and beautiful coffee along with great hospitality.

Enjoy the unique experience within the School grounds. Let the kids play cricket, basketball or chalk draw while you enjoy uninterrupted tranquility or take away delicious treats on your journey through the region.


Opera at the Eildon Pondage

4 Jan 2025

Operatic music performed in the spectacular location on the banks of the Eildon Pondage.

Internationally renowned Opera singers – Breana Stillman (Soprano) – Michael Petruccelli and Daniel Felton – (Baritone) (Tenor), will perform with the piano backing of Pheobe Briggs (Head of music Victorian Opera).

Prepare for an evening of breathtaking arias, captivating duets, and the sheer brilliance of Breanna, Roger and Michael as it resonates across the tranquil waters of Eildon Pondage.

Mark your calendars, invite your friends, and get ready to be swept away by the harmonious melodies of the Opera at Eildon Pondage.

Sip on the finest local beverages and savour the flavours of the region.

Exciting New Menu – including charcuterie share platters and Asian-infused meals and platters.


Eildon Pondage Holiday Park

Eildon Pondage Holiday Park, nestled along the edge of the picturesque Eildon Pondage waterway, is the perfect place to relax and unwind surrounded by beautiful bushland and the mountains of the Victorian High Country.

Whether you want to camp, bring your caravan or stay in the self-contained cottages, this shady 30 acre park offers a range of facilities for the whole family to enjoy. Have a game of tennis or fish for trout directly from the park grounds, whilst the kids ride their bikes on the trails and enjoy themselves in the playground. Relax in the peaceful natural surrounds, whilst spotting the abundant native wildlife – perhaps even a kangaroo.

Conveniently situated at the mouth of Lake Eildon and within walking distance from town, Eildon Pondage Holiday Park is the perfect base for families, anglers and boaters alike to access and enjoy all the activities that the magnificent Lake Eildon has to offer.