Whether it’s the natural beauty of the countryside, the tranquil movement of rivers and lakes or the rich culture of Indigenous history, there’s just something about the Heart of Victoria that is truly captivating. With inspiration bursting from almost every corner of this picturesque landscape, it’s no surprise that the Heart of Victoria is brimming with a creative energy that is unique, original and utterly enchanting.

Exploring the beautiful galleries, museums and art spaces that can be found across the region is a fantastic way to discover the many artistic delights on offer.

Acting as the centre of the creative offerings is the Shepparton Art Museum – affectionately known as SAM. Here, you will find a permanent exhibition that proudly tells the story of Australian ceramics, as well as a superb collection of Australian paintings and works on paper. Whilst you’re there, don’t forget to take advantage of the active exhibitions program that includes curated, local community and touring art displays.

From acclaimed public galleries to specialised spaces with photography, sculpture and Indigenous art works, there’s something to suit every interest and taste in the most likely and unlikely of places.  Visit one of the many markets in the Heart of Victoria to pick up some beautifully crafted woodwork, an intricate piece of jewellery or a one-of-a-kind painting from some of the region’s best artists.

For something the whole family is sure to enjoy, be sure to drop in to Longwood and explore the iconic gemstone museum. Wander through each room and marvel at the myriad of gems and jewels on offer with fossils, meteorites and fluorescent minerals from Australia, Europe, Africa and more.

The MooovingArt Herd is a quirky art movement that brings a whole new meaning to street art. Be surprised and delighted by these colourful, ever-changing, life size fibre glass bovines as you explore the Greater Shepparton area.

It’s hard to go past the Heart of Victoria when it comes to festivals and events, with a tempting selection of performances for lovers of music, theatre, dance and more. From unique and quirky entertainment to more traditional celebrations of ritual and custom, there is always something on offer in the Heart of Victoria.


Artistic Offerings

From big festivals to intimate performances, the Heart of Victoria will delight and amaze you with a feast of fabulous artistic offerings throughout the year. Be sure to visit for more information.