Skyline Road Lookout

Skyline Road is a great ride and drive where grab glimpses of the lake as you follow the route culminating in a incredible panorama not far from the junction with UT Creek Road. With a spot where you can get out of the car or dismount your bike, Skyline Road Lookout is the perfect spot to take in the stunning surrounds of Lake Eildon National Park.


From Eildon loop out of town and over the dam wall before heading for Skyline Drive via Skyline Road. The roadside lookout is located on the right side of the road about 7.6km along Skyline Road from Eildon. The lookout area is marked by a sharp bend in the road that is signed by yellow arrows. You can drive in here and park your car off the road.

Continue your drive along Skyline Road for stunning views across Lake Eildon and the rolling hills of Lake Eildon National Park.

* Before you go please read out top travel safety tips here

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