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It's so much better spending your weekend outside, than in and when you're surrounded by national parks and state forests and connected by pristine rivers, with the magnificent Lake Eildon as the centerpiece, why wouldn't you explore the great outdoors? 

Eildon, Thornton and Rubicon have long been popular destinations for those seeking to take some time to slow down and escape the pace of city life. Pleasure boaters and fishing enthusiasts share holidays alongside those aboard luxury houseboats and families camping by the river. The vibe is relaxed, friendly and fun.

Grab your hiking buddy, chuck on your back pack and explore the trails of Lake Eildon National Park 

Lake Eildon National Park is home to plenty of walks for individuals of all abilities with a stunning backdrop against Lake Eildon. Tackle the hills of the Estate Spur Circuit and Blowhard Spur Summit for incredible views overlooking the Lake. For those wanting something less challenging, take a gentle stroll along the Candlebark Gully and Perfect Cure Creek Nature Trails and read the interpretive signage as you walk through some mining historic sites and learn about the wildlife that you might spot on your walk.

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Eildon - Hike

Stand on the platform at Snobs Creek Falls and admire the spectacular falls

Snobs Creek Falls flows all year round with a spectacular viewing platform that juts out in front of the rushing water as it plummets 20m into the creek below. You can see, hear and sometimes (via the spray) taste this demonstration of the power of water. The views from directly adjacent to the edge of the top of the falls are breathtaking, stretching way out over the edge of the falls into the Goulburn River valley below, many kilometres into the distance.

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Eildon - Snobs Creek Falls

Admire the stunning lake views from Foggs Lookout

Foggs Lookout, also known as Mt Pinninger Lookout, is a unique vantage point in the Lake Eildon National Park offering spectacular views over the Dam Wall and vast clear waters of Lake Eildon. From up here you can see everything that is happening on the water below including boating, fishing, waterskiiing and if you're lucky you might spot a houseboat or two out for the day. There are several seats and picnic tables for you to sit back and enjoy a bite to eat whilst appreciating the stunning views of the area.

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Eildon - Foggs Lookout


* Walk or cycle around the Eildon Pondage Walk

* Snap a pic from the Eildon Dam Wall

* Hire a houseboat for the ultimate weekend on the water

* Throw a line in the Rubicon River near Thornton

* Take in the panorama from the Foggs Lookout

* Rent a stand up paddleboard, kayak or fishing boat, and head out on the lake

* Explore the Rubicon Valley Historic Area

* Visit the Eildon Dams Museum

* Check out the spectacular Snobs Creek Falls

Did you know? The township of Darlingford was flooded to construct the Sugarloaf Reservoir in the late 1920s. The Sugarloaf Reservoir Dam Wall still exists under the waters of Lake Eildon.


  • Saturday, January 4, 2025

Opera at the Eildon Pondage

  • Saturday, November 2, 2024

Eildon Twilight Market

Skyline Road Lookout

  • Saturday, July 20, 2024

Foggs Lookout

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