Kanumbra Station 

Kanumbra Station Kanumbra

Kanumbra opened in June 1890 and the last passenger train chugged through on 3 February 1978.

It took its name from a local pastoral station or squatting run owned by D. E. Stoddart.

Remnant fruit trees and a cluster of mature Monterey Pines on the western side of the former station site at Kanumbra are reminders of its railway past. All that remains of the goods platform are the timber retaining wall, stumps and pins.

One of the main physical features of the Rail Trail is the many bridges that it traverses. Many have been rebuilt as part of the Great Victorian Rail Trail construction. As train loads and speeds increased in the early 1900s, concrete piers and steel beams replaced the original timber bridges.

Derailments were not uncommon, especially during floods. One such incident occurred between Merton and Kanumbra, when  approximately 8-10 of 14 trucks carrying livestock, became derailed.