Estate Spur Circuit

Estate Spur Track Devils River 3714 MAP
Half Day Walks
5.6 kms
2 hours
Est. Time
Grade 4
Wilderness Walks

The Estate Spur Circuit is a grade 4 hike (5.6km circuit) in Lake Eildon National Park. The circuit begins from the Parks Office along Lakeside Road where there is a trailhead for 'Estate Spur Track' directing to Point Mibus and Bedrock Creek.

The track climbs steeply to the top of the hill, turning east (left) onto Estate Spur, the track is open and undulating, offering expansive views of the lake before the steep descent down to Lakeside camping ground. Once here follow the track along Lakeside Road for a gentle stroll back to the car.

For a slightly longer walk, at the top of the Estate Spur turn west (right) and south (left) down the well-shaded track which descends to 'Bedrock Creek' as per the sign, and follow the Bolte Bay Track to Point Mibus. Return along the lakeshore to Point Mead and the Lakeside Camping Area.