Bollygum Park 

40 Whittlesea Road Kinglake Victoria

Bollygum Park is a magical playground based around the award winning children's book Bollygum by Garry Fleming.

You will be enchanted as you wander along the shady paths of this two and a half acre wonderland, from Bower Birds Nest with its sparkling blue treasures, across the bridge over the creek and pay a visit to platypus, whose house sits on the bank of the dry creek bed.

Continue down the path, bordered by native plantings, indigenous message sticks, colourful storyboards and flora information panels to Wombats house with its artistically carved story wall, slides, mirrors and wombats hiding spot. You can enjoy Wombat's favourite fishing spot by the large sandpit and he has even left a few fishing poles out for you.

Frogmouths House is the main play structure of the park and has senior and junior sections so no one is left out. Among its many features are a climbing wall, monkey bars, rope bridges, flying fox, wave slide, bird nest swings, dual metal slide for racing (under cover) and many noisy musical elements and a talk and listen tube.

There is an architecturally designed skate park adjoining the playground with a bowl.