Beauty Spot Nature Trail

Beauty Spot is one of Marysville’s most popular short walks. It showcases some of Marysville’s most beautiful flora and fauna – including an abundance of bird life.

This easy nature trail follows the winding Leary Creek deep into tree fern groves and features a number of interpretive signs.

The track offers two possible circuits: one short (0.5 kilometres), one longer (1.5 kilometres) that take anywhere from 10 - 40 minutes to complete. For both circuits, start from the car park and follow the trail into the fern-filled gully. At the major intersection veer left and follow the trail along to the next junction.

For the shorter circuit, head right and follow the path as it crosses Leary Creek twice before arriving back at the car park. For the longer circuit, continue left from the junction and deeper into the gully before rejoining the shorter loop and returning to the car park.

* Please note pets and bicycles are not allowed here 


From Marysville turn off Murchison St onto Lyell St (at the round about) or Pack Road (at Marysville Bakery) and follow these roads until you reach their junction with King Street. Turn left and travel along King Street until you reach Beauty Spot Nature Trail Car Park on your right.

* Before you go please read our top travel safety tips HERE